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tv   Tavis Smiley  PBS  August 16, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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appointed hamilton to the board without a thorough check of his background. city prosecutors confirm they are investigating anthony hamilton's alleged use of someone else's academic record. identity fraud in maryland is illegal. hamilton was appointed to the city school board in june, he resigned two weeks ago. after our reporting punched holes in his claim that he had a master's degree from hopkins and was also a graduate of cop pen. a man who is a coppen grad told us he discovered what hamilton had done when he tried to get his transcript. >> they could not locate it by my name, but when i gave my social security number they were able to pull it up. but it was not my name on it, it was his name on it, under my social security number. >> anthony hamilton's name? >> yes, anthony hamilton's name was on my transcript. he used five years of my hard work at coppen, putting myself
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through school, and has made money. >> hamilton got a job with the city health department in 2008 that required a masters degree or a bachelors degree with certain experience, he was paid $52,000 per year. he resigned from the job last week. the state's attorneys office will not comment on its investigation. a source tells us that while working at coppen as an admissions counselor anthony hamilton got the security codes needed to access the student records. he then changed the name on the other man's transcripts to make it appear he's the one who had the degree. live tonight from the newsroom, i'm jane miller. >> thank you. now to another i-team investigation, this one on the death of an elderly man who was found dead in his northwest baltimore apartment. police are now calling the incident a homicide. barry simms joins us live in the studio now with the late breaking details. >> well, kai, the victim earnest p. curtis lived alone, his
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grandsons say the last time they had talked to him was the saturday before he died. now his family and police are definitely trying to find answers to his murder. >> i can't explain what the hurt is, baw because i'm still numb. >> the grandsons of earnest p. curtis describe the pain they are feel now that he's gone much. >> we're shocked, our whole family is shocked. we're not angry people. we're just shocked, and we look for answers for stuff like this, it's hard. >> leon and earnest brooks say their family is relying on the police investigation and hoping someone will come forward with information to help solve his murder. >> i was sitting here, and my wife was outside and my brother came in and told me that they found him. with a bag over his head, and stuff like that. >> on july 30, curtis was found dead in his wineberg place apartment. a family friend who had not heard from him got maintenance
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workers to open his door. curtis was found in his bed. >> so everything is still up in the air, we're just being patient. trying to get answers from different people. >> on august 13, the medical examiner determined it was a homicide, and curtis died of asphyxiation. his grandsons say he had been a resident of wineberg place since 2001, had worked for the maryland department of human resources for 20 years, was a veteran who served in army from 1951 to 1953 and was honorably discharged. and he loved the ponies, he had worked as a horse walker and trainer at trace. >> we know this is going to be a long process, so we pray to keep our family in prayer and that we can keep calm. no more unrest, we just want to remain calm and let the police department do what they have to do. >> baltimore city police would not comment today on their
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investigation. we also contacted edgewood management, the company that runs wineberg place. the executive vice president referred all of our questions back to the police department. live from the studio, barry simms, wbal tv 11 news. >> a federal grand jury has indicted a former baltimore city police officer for operating a prostitution business across state lines. authorities say that 32-year-old not only dafted, paid for and posted online ads for sex, but because also pimping out his 19-year-old wife. he is accused of carrying his police issued weapon while the women met with clients and reportedly collected all or part of their earnings. city police called his arrest an embarrassment and disgrace. meanwhile we're learning more about the driver who drove a stolen jeep into a house thursday morning, causing that house to catch fire. police say the 17-year-old suspect was driving in the 9100 block of bel air road and refused to pull over for a
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traffic stop. he jumped out of the car while it was still moving. the teen, who is being charged as a juvenile, faces traffic offenses including destruction of property and driving a stolen vehicle. >> covering the world now, more chaos in egypt. a wave of violence erupting as military forces and protesters clashed on the streets of cairo. dozens were killed in what is being called the day of rage. we have team coverage tonight, we begin with sally kidd who is in washington with the latest. >> tens of thousands of protesters clashed with security forces in another day of violence in cairo. the muslim brotherhood calls today the day of rage, and filled the streets to protest the military imposed state of ergency. supporters of ousted leader mohammed morsi and military forces exchanged heavy gunfire and tear gas. there are reports that police officers dressed in civilian clothing joined the crowds and fired off shots. the military responded to the demonstrations with a curfew for
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cairo and several other cities. today's call for a day of rage comes in response to the bloodshed earlier this week that left more than 600 dead in one day alone. president obama and other world leaders have condemned the violence and the u.s. has canceled a joint military exercise with egypt that was scheduled for next month. reporting from washington, i'm sally kidd. >> here at home, egyptian americans are watching what's what happening closely and reacting, lowell melser giants us from highlandtown with more. >> cocoa's market here on eastern avenue is a very popular place for the area's egyptian americans to gather and talk about news from egypt. the very latest in what is going on. and while there's a lot of fear for the future, we also found that there's a lot of optimism as well. >> i talk to my son today, it's very bad there, very bad. >> for the owner of cocoa's
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market, these are stressful days as he watches news reports out of his home country. he continues to express anger and frustration at the muslim brotherhood who he says is killing innocent people for no reason. >> these people is different than us, they all like to kill if you do not agree with what they are saying. >> while we were interviewing him, a friend of his called from cairo and wanted to tell us what was going on. >> very sad about what is going on. >> he said what we're seeing on tv these days out of egypt is very accurate, and it's hurtful to see what he called senseless destruction. >> there is a lot of fright in this part of the city, and a lot of bloodshed going on. >> we have to let them solve this themselves, we can't be interfering. the more we interfere the more we alienate ourselves from them.
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>> he echos the frustrationings over the muslim brotherhood saying that will not be peace until they're out. >> very small minority, they are not wanted the egypt, the people spoke against them. but i still, i guess, to maintain -- are willing to burn egypt. >> the bottom line is from everyone that we spoke to today, they just want the bloodshed to stop and their country to heal. live in highlandtown tonight, lowell melser. >> be sure to watch nightly news as they continue to cover the violence taking place in egypt, that starts right after our newscast at 6:30. coming up, the reason for an early morning robo call to thousands of baltimore city residents. also ahead. >> marching orders from baltimore county school superintendent. i'm tim tooten, coming up what he told his top leadership team. >> a bad stretch much games for
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jim johnson to play, will he remain the orioles closer? the story later in sports. >> we've got some clouds and showers south and west of baltimore, we'll see if that impacts our weekend. the seven-day forecast coming up.
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>> an unusual wakeup call for thousands of residents in baltimore city this morning. >> lowell, this is mayor stephanie rawlings-blake, we're busy getting ready for my annual back to school rally saturday august 17 from 12 to 4 at memorial plaza outside of city
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hall. >> it's a robo call message baltimore city residents received early this morning about the mayor's back to school rally. some receiving that call at 5:00 a.m. even the mayor herself received the message and immediately posted an apology on twitter. it appears the call was sent out by accident by the baltimore city school system, they too apologized. >> in tonight's education alert, technology and world languages are high on the agenda for baltimore county school superintendent dr. dallas dance. today he shared his plans with top staff members as he begins his second year on the job. tim tooten has that story. >> we have a guiding principle document that drives our work. >> dr. dance took his back to school message center stage at the carver center to more than 800 staff members under the bright lights. >> every single student must be given the opportunity to learn
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in a digital environment. whereverry single student gets that. >> much of the new instruction this year will be driven by technology, in the hands of students, teachers and administrators. instruction not limited just to our country. >> if we want our students to be successful, they must be given access and opportunity to learn a second language. because we know our economy is changing, it's becoming more global. >> i want to go to one of these schools, i want to start over again. i'm so happy to be here and to be part of it. i feel very lucky. >> when you tell a student what they can't do, they in fact want to do it. some teachers, some principals, some leaders. >> i'm excited for the school year. a lot of changes are going to be made. >> it's about making choices, not change, people always look at change because people are resist tab to change, but choice is different. and it's something we make on our own. >> he's giving his team the
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tools they need to make touch choices, which leads to results. >> we keep talking about personalizing learning, different instruction for kids, and my belief is the only way to do that is to leverage technology. but we have to build a case for that. >> it's clear that he's got as much energy or more than he did last year, and i can tell because the pace hasn't let up for the last 13 months. >> it's unlikely that will change in the coming year. most will agree that the real test for administrators will come in a week or so when thousands of students return to the classroom. in baltimore county, tim too ten, wbal tv 11 news. >> wonderful summer weather across the region, don't have to worry about heat and humidity in this dined of weather pattern. in fact this was the third straight day that b.w.i. nailed to hit the 80-degree mark. the morning started with a
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record, 53 degrees this morning at the airport, a new record low for the day. the old report was 54, set back in 1979. 101 degrees, the record high, in 1997. temperatures are comfortable all around the baltimore metro area, up into southern pennsylvania, rising sun in cecil county enjoying 76-degree temperatures with low humidity. 75 at ridgeley. in sykesville, and 75 in mount airy, and upper 60's at oakland and frostburg, gorgeous weather across the region. we had a little more cloud cover at the beach, they might be complaining about not having enough sunshine there today, but at least the temperatures are manageable. 50 forms the suburbs for lows tonight, 60's downtown, light winds and partly cloudy skies. the last time this year the sun sets at 8:00. all the rest of the sun 6 sets for the rest of this year will occur before 8 nook the evening. a lot clouds and showers and wet weather through the carolinas, keep an eye on that, that will be drifting farther north and
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note the showers in the ohio valley, parts of kentucky, tennessee, west of the mountains, this too will be moving in our direction. so the weekend will be a little cloudier and maybe a little wetter eventually. especially the second half of the weekend. as this frontal boundary buckles back to the north now that the area of high pressure is moving out of the way. but temperatures with the clouds and showers returning will remain below normal right through the weekend, just 76 to 81 tomorrow, with skies varying from partly to mostly cloudy. sunrise on saturday morning at 6:21. winds on the bay a little more brisk tomorrow, 10 to 15 knot breeze out of the east. one to two-foot waves on the open waters of the bay. in western maryland the cool temperatures hang around, the showers will probably move in during the day on sunday, and then linger into the first part of next week. at ocean city we're talking a 30% chance of showers tomorrow. but probably will look a lot like today, just kind of cloudy and dry for most of the day before the showers pop up in the evening. then scattered showers and thunderstorms on sunday and
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monday. out of the tropical atlanta we've been watching this area of low pressure move its way westbound, but look how it's weakened, just spotty thunderstorms associated with it. so it's now just a tropical depression with winds down to 35 miles per hour. expect it to remain relatively weak as it heads up interest the central part of the atlantic. this area of low pressure that's generating numerous showers and storms in the far southern part of the gulf of next companies a little more important perhaps. the storms are developing on the northeastern quadrant of it, the circulation is down here and it may become a tropical storm as it heads toward perhaps the texas gulf coast next week, we'll have to watch that one. 79, increasing clouds tomorrow. scattered showers and cooler than normal temperatures sunday and monday. warmer and more humid weather returns around the middle of next week. >> cause for concern? sure. cause for panic? hardly. two games into the preseason, the ravens first team offense
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has yet to shine. last night against atlanta the first unit had a great interest but only managed three first downs in the first half. the second quarter interception, undermined a first quarter touchdown for joe flacco and torre smith. but it also highlighted the need for ongoing work between flacco and his receiving core in the next two preseason games. flacco will not play most likely in the fourth preseason game. backup quarterback taylor continues to enjoy a productive august, two touchdowns last night. and tanner also showed a nice short passing game. 27-23 win. easy to see why the ravens brought in stokely and clark, they need more consistent targets for joe flacco to find. we hope you'll join us tomorrow night for you're ravens preseason special. pete gilbert and i will bring you the upcoming season into
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focus and we get started tomorrow night 7:30 here on tv 11. orioles return home tonight to start a nine-game home stand. jim johnson has caught more criticism of late, and now pitching coach adare has taken a leave of absence much pete, this puts the pushing situation on a border line critical situation, almost a crisis. >> i wouldn't say a crisis as far as the coaching staff is concerned. bill castro takes over and they talk about it being a seamless transition for him. rick adare leaving for personal reasons, but when it comes to the closer position it is a struggle. jim johnson nine blown saves thus far this season, he had eight combined the last two years. he says everything is fine. his teammates say everything is fine. but is he? in the clubhouse today they are feeling good. we'll talk about buck in a moment. >> of course i do, that's not even a question. i need to hear that with the foo fighters, if i don't hear that
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when that third out is made, something's wrong. >> what else is there to say, i've talked about this for the last three days. so my confidence is findings buck's confidence is fine, we're good. we're going to win tonight, that's it. >> so jim johnson saying bucks confidence in him is fine. and buck showalter said if asked if johnson was his best option to be the closer, he said yes. but we have many options and if he were to take a break it's not something the team would announce. we'll have to wait to see who comes out of the gate when the situation arises. so not the ringing endorsement that we had seen. jim johnson says everything is fine mechanically. back home, they say they put the arizona series behind them, which they lost three games by one run, all blown saves. orioles feeling much better than their chances tonight against the colorado rockies. that's a look at sports. one more check of the forecast coming up right after this.
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>> body language sometimes speaks more loudly than words. walks ay from interviews. >> there needs to be some good mojo in that locker room. >> winning comes before chemistry, every time. >> all right. thank you.
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>> here's a look at what we're working on for 11 news tonight. three arrests have been made and scores street robberies in baltimore city, and the suspects three teenagers. we'll have the latest tonight. and they're bringing millions into the state coffers, the i-team looks at how the brain is wired to react to bells and whistles of slot machines. we'll have these stories for you and much more on 11 news tonight following dateline nb
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>> this is an amazing run of days in august. >> nice stuff, a little cloud cover, but nothing too much to complain about. we'll see a lot of clouds around tomorrow, but another cool dry day, 79 degrees. showers move in on sunday and monday, scattered thundershowers. then the heat and humidity will try to come back into the picture, temperatures mid to upper 80's, more humid mid-week and some scattered thunderstorms, warm and muggy on thursday. playing football thursday? >> thursday at home. >> that will feel more like an august football game. >> get out there and enjoy it. >> thank you for joining us.
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